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Winter Court 2022 Black Tie Dinner


Discovering our ancestors: You are invited to share something about ancestor. Each speaker will have the floor for a few minutes to recount an anecdote, whether it be a humorous story, an account of an act of heroism, a moment of great drama or sadness, or something else altogether. Speaking will be entirely voluntary of course. The idea is not to put anyone on the spot, but rather to offer amusing and interesting stories as we honor the service of our colonial forebears.
The black-tie event is open to ladies and guests, and Warriors are encouraged to bring a prospective member as well. This is an opportunity for Prospective Members to meet and become known to our members.

The cost is $250 per person.

When you sign up, please let us know the number of your guests and their names, and if they are prospective members.
Please also let us know if you would like to share a tale about your ancestor so we can plan the program more efficiently.
Email the office at:


Tales of our Ancestors
Thursday 17 February - 7:00pm
The Union Club
101 East 69th Street
New York City
7:00pm: Cocktail Reception; 8:00pm: Dinner and Winter Court
"Tales of our Ancestors"
Black Tie, Decorations
Ladies and Gentlemen Guests Invited

Registration deadline: 11 February


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